Unfair Treatment and Termination Is Worth Addressing

In the workplace, power dynamics can end up backfiring. Sometimes, employers wield their authority to punish workers in unfair ways. In other cases, employers may fail to proactively protect workers from poor treatment. Unfortunately, employees often feel trapped in a bad situation.

At The Law Office of Bryce A. Dodds, I am committed to giving California employees hope. Harassment and wrongful termination not only affect workers’ career opportunities—they also affect workers’ lives. As your attorney, I will use my experience in employment law to protect you.

Employees Have the Right To Be Treated Fairly in Safe Workplaces

So many of us spend a significant portion of our days at work. It should come as no surprise we want to work in an honest, fair, and safe environment. Employers know this and know they must work to provide environments free from unlawful discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

Still, some employers fail to do so:

  • They create hostile work environments and sexually harass their employees by coercing them to exchange sexual favors or tolerate sexual conduct, such as sexual touching, comments, and leering, just to retain their jobs and receive promotions and raises.
  • They treat men and women differently in terms of hiring, firing, promotions, discipline, and pay.
  • They push older workers out, deny promotions, refuse to hire them, and discriminate against them, despite their experience, skill, and ability, all because of age.
  • They wrongfully terminate employees with disabilities because they believe reasonably accommodating them is a hassle and leaves of absence are inconvenient.
  • They wrongfully terminate, deny promotions and raises, cut hours, unfairly discipline, and bully employees complaining about discrimination, harassment, and other illegal conduct.

When unlawful discrimination, harassment, and retaliation occur, some employers do whatever it takes to limit their liability, not by addressing the misconduct, but by excusing or ignoring it and even blaming the victim. This is unacceptable. It should go without saying employers behaving in this manner should be held responsible. I have the legal knowledge and dedication to pursue justice for you.

I Know How To Protect Your Rights

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