Experienced Employment Law Advocacy
Experienced Employment Law Advocacy

Employers Do Not Always Respect Wage And Hour Laws

Employees have a variety of legal rights that protect them against suffering from unfair wages and work hour policies. However, while these laws exist, it does not mean that employers follow them.

When you suspect that your employer is not paying or treating you fairly, you can rely on my legal experience. At The Law Office of Bryce A. Dodds, I hold employers accountable for wage and hour law violations. I know that these violations can cause you undue stress and financial hardship. Through the legal process, I can help you set the record straight.

Employees Have The Right To Full Reimbursement And Pay For Their Work

Some employers – however large, however successful – cheat their employees as part of their business model, using tactics such as:

  • They illegally shift their operating costs to their employees by requiring their employees to incur necessary business expenses, such as the costs of maintaining a required home office, business cellphone and mileage, and then refuse to reimburse those expenses.
  • They shortchange their employees for work already performed, require employees to work through lunches and breaks, and require them to work off the clock.
  • They hide behind third-party staffing agencies to create a buffer between them and their violations of law.
  • They misclassify employees as exempt to avoid having to pay overtime and misclassify employees as independent contractors to avoid such things as paying overtime, providing lunches and breaks, reimbursing expenses, and paying taxes.

If an employer has failed to reimburse you or pay all wages owed, contact The Law Office of Bryce A. Dodds for help recovering your expenses, wages and penalties for your employer’s violations of law. I can also assist you if you wrongfully lost your job for speaking out about unfair practices.

Recover Lost Wages And Unpaid Overtime

I can help you assess your options. As an employment law attorney based in San Marcos, I have represented workers of all types, from retail and service workers to high-level professionals. Call me at 760-706-2440 or email me for a free consultation about your wages, breaks and work hours.